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Different Natural Emulsifiers

When you buy a food product, you need to look carefully at the ingredients. Many components make up the ingredients of a food and drink product. There are a lot of additives that are added to these products. These additives come in various types and are used for various purposes. The most common additive added in these products are called emulsifiers. Food emulsifiers are used to emulsify, thicken, and preserve the product. There are different types of emulsifiers, and the safest ones to use are the natural ones. Here are the top natural food emulsifiers commonly used to thicken grocery store products:


carrageenanCarrageenan is derived from Irish moss, which is also known as red seaweed. It is most commonly used in natural yogurt, nut milk, deli meat, and tofu. It has a strong binding property towards food proteins. Its main purpose is for food additives and conventional medicine. They are very common in natural health food products since they are vegan. You can check out this wikipedia page about carrageenan to know more about it.

Egg Yolk Emulsifier

Egg yolk is the oldest known emulsifier here. It is also the most frequently used one. There is an important agent in egg yolk called lecithin which helps make egg yolk a very good component for binding and emulsifying. Egg yolks are essential to make mayonnaise and hollandaise. This is because mayonnaise and hollandaise should contain egg yolks as the main ingredient to emulsify. You can also find egg yolks in salad dressings in the ingredient list as an additive. The egg has a mixture of water attracting as well as water repelling amino acids. This is very useful in helping to bind both water and oil together with the help of the egg yolk.

Mustard Emulsifier

mustard emulsifierYou can find mustard as an emulsifier in the ingredients list of a lot of common salad dressings that you can find in your grocery stores. Mayonnaise also contains some mustard for more emulsifying properties. It can also be used for meat products since it emulsifies and allows the meat to be easily sliced. Mustard has the ability to manipulate and control the texture od a lot of food products since it is a water-binding food additive.

Honey Emulsifier

Honey can also be used in various food products as a very good emulsifying food additive. Different to the other emulsification agents, honey produces a more sweet flavor. It also has added benefits like breaking up the accumulated fats as well as being rich in anti-bacterial properties.


Benefits Of Eating Foods On The Paleo Diet

There are diet regimens that encourage the reduction of food consumption, but Paleo diet is thankfully not one of them. Look at 1000 paleo recipes to know how to make the diet interesting. In fact, it promotes eating as much as you deem it appropriate while following a food guide that contains a specific list of foods.

Paleo Diet


This list includes only foods that a Paleolithic man has eaten during his life as a cave dweller and a hunter. It encourages one to eat foods high in protein and fat while consuming less of carbohydrates and starchy foods or eliminating them totally if possible. Because of the reduction of carbohydrate intake, the person is inclined to eat more meat and fruits as alternatives to cereals, dairy products, and legumes.

High in Healthy Fats

Even though there are criticisms thrown against the concept of Paleo diet, the advantages can certainly outweigh the cons and speculations it roused from the critics. Yes, it can be restrictive because of the limited supply of carbohydrates which converts the glucose that we need to function. But grains and other foods that are high in carbs are not the only sources of energy.

Essential Nutrients

There are other substitutes like fruits and vegetables to make up for the carb content, and they can provide the essential nutrients to our body. If our ancestors could comfortably live off of only meats of wild animals and fruits to survive, why can’t we survive on the Paleo diet that is based on the same concept?

Treating Diseasedsfdsfsdfsfsfs

Aside from acting as a contributing factor in weight loss, studies also show that this diet can also help in treating neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease. By eliminating gluten from the diet which is found in cereals and legumes, and sugar which is included as one of the foods to avoid in the Paleo food list, it might help reverse or eliminate one of the common symptoms associated with this disease, which is tremors. It also lowers the chance of having cardiovascular disorders, diabetes mellitus and many types of cancer.

Improve General Health

Paleo diet eliminates all the junk food from your life. It doesn’t even make sense why our authorities permit companies to develop this so-called “food,” but there’s no nourishment in unhealthy foods whatsoever and all of the elements are just gonna harm you if you constantly eat this stuff for long periods of time.